BrainsCAN Research Impact
Workshop Series

May 2023 - October 2023
Delivered Remotely (via Zoom)

Our impact workshop series will help you navigate the pathways to impact by simplifying processes and providing tools to help. The training sessions will support the practical aspects of impact generation through building visibility and credibility online, influencing policy, improving your productivity, facilitation skills and increasing your resilience.

These workshops are intended for Research Program Leaders (i.e. Principal Investigators and Research Scientists) of any career stage, and early career researchers (incl. postdocs and senior PhD students). The content will be relevant to a wide range of research interests but will have a neuroscience perspective where applicable. 

Each workshop can accommodate a maximum of 40. Registration link and key dates are below.


Workshop Series: 
Sessions & Key Dates

May 11
09:00 to 11:00

Fast Track Your Research Impact (2 Hours)

This workshop focuses on generating real-world impacts from your research. This highly interactive session will give you the opportunity to learn and practice using new tools to increase the significance and reach your impact. The training is based on the latest research evidence and takes a unique relational approach to deliver lasting impacts.

May 23
09:30 to 11:00

Impact in Funding Proposals (90 Minutes)

This workshop will examine the “Tricks of the trade” with insights from funding panels to increase your success rates, and integrating impact into a case for support without compromising the research. We will focus on two contrasting examples that have integrated impact into their case for support, identifying which of the two is best and why.

June 7
09:30 to 1:00

The Productive Researcher (Half Day)

Find out how you can become significantly more productive as a researcher in a fraction of your current working day. Rather than learning (yet more) time management techniques, you will learn new ways of thinking that will reframe your relationship with work.

July 12
09:30 to 13:00

Influencing Policy (Half Day)

In this workshop, you will learn how to use tools to plan policy impacts more effectively and efficiently, and have the opportunity to discuss the merits of informing versus influencing policy.

Aug 3
09:30 to 11:00

The Digital Academic (90 Minutes)

This workshop will give you a unique opportunity to reflect on your digital profile, considering ways to build visibility and credibility for your research and drive impact online. We take a critical look at the power and pitfalls of various online platforms and social media, enabling you to become more effective and influential online whilst minimizing risks to your time, reputation and mental health.

Aug 24
09:30 to 13:00

Impact Culture (Half Day)

In this session, you will discover how you can transform your working environment and create a culture everyone can belong in. We will be able to discuss practical ideas and creative ways of thinking to re-motivate and inspire you, building on what works and adapting what doesn't, to create your own culture with your closest colleagues.

Save the Date: BrainsCAN Research Impact Day - September 6, 2023

Sept 26
09:30 to 13:00

The Health Resilient Researcher (Half Day)

During this course you will discover new ways to view personal health and become a more resilient researcher. We will address the key cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle and help yourself to become significantly more productive as a researcher, whilst finding a more authentic version of you. Rather than learning about health fads, you will learn practices and lifehacks that will slot into your busy schedule and start you on a road to achieving whole health.

Oct 30
09:30 to 11:00

Facilitation Skills (90 Minutes)

This session is focused on the tools you need to design and facilitate partnership meetings and workshops with stakeholders that are easy to facilitate, efficient and enjoyable generate and communicate real-world impacts from your research. You will learn how to grow your confidence and effectiveness as a facilitator, which you will be able to use immediately to take your meetings and workshops to a new level.


Dr. Mark Reed

Mark Reed is a full-time professor and CEO of training company Fast Track Impact. He is Professor of Rural Entrepreneurship and Director of theThriving Natural Capital Challenge Centre at Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC). He is a Visiting Professor at Newcastle University, Birmingham City University and the University of Leeds in England and has over 200 publications that have been cited more than 20,000 times. He is the author of The Research Impact Handbook, The Productive Researcher and Impact Culture and provides training and advice to universities, research funders, NGOs and policy-makers internationally.

Dr. Mark Reed

CEO, Fast Track Impact

BrainsCAN Certificate Program for Research Impact Strategy

If you  attend at least 75%of the “BrainsCAN Research Impact Workshop Series” you will receive the BrainsCAN Certificate of Research Impact Strategy. Certificate program participants will have individual access to extra support from trainer, Dr. Mark Reed, who can provide input and support on grant proposals and impact strategic plans.

To participate in the Certificate Program, visit the registration link and check the box. Recorded sessions will be available for 1 week for those that miss a live session.

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March 29, 2023: 
Early bird registration opens for BrainsCAN-aligned researchers

April 11, 2023: 
General registration opens to wider research community

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